There are so many new and exciting things coming out of the fashion industry at the moment and one of them is fash-tech. As you may have noticed LBD falls into this category. Essentially, this new branch of the fashion industry is the merging of technology and fashion to bring audiences a new, immersive way to interact with fashion.

WTOX have actually coined a definition, stating that fashion technology is a term that describes innovative technologies in material procurement and fashion design, and their applicability in fashion manufacturing, transportation and retail. So, when tools such as AI, digital printers, man-made materials and VR are used to better fashion behaviours — this is considered fash-tech.

But more than that, fash-tech is all about data. Now that many businesses operate online it is much easier to understand who their customers are and what they want. Through these clever algorithms, brands can now optimise their businesses in a more effective way.

Here at LBD, we are at the forefront of the fash-tech industry. We are giving you the technology to be able to document your wardrobe on your phone. With our AI Magic Scan, you can upload anything from a pair of heels to a coat and it will recognise what it is. The purpose of this? Well not only can you have the entirety of your wardrobe at your fingertips (literally) but you can see how much your wardrobe is worth and share your wardrobe with friends, making it more sustainable.

Some people are saying that the fash-tech industry will eventually take over fashion altogether. There is the possibility that this could happen as society becomes even more digitised but some aspects of the industry will surely remain the way they have for many years. After all, what would fashion be without its couturiers and ateliers?